Fundraising events are key to Veterans Health Network’s ongoing success, and your efforts can make all the difference in the world. Not only do these events generate much-needed donations to carry out our mission, but it helps educate the public regarding the many health issues of our veterans. Your involvement can be the catalyst to making VHN’s fundraising efforts a success by donating a little bit of your time or by making a generous contribution.

VHN vision: VHN has established an annual Million Dollar Challenge that will help over 1,000 Veterans each and every year, back to better health. This goal can only be reached with your generous contributions as an individual, corporate sponsor or through your company’s employee payroll deduction program. VHN is dedicated and passionate in keeping its promise to provide essential products and services to our Veterans free of charge. Are you ready? You can make a difference by taking action now. Get involved by volunteering or by donating today. Our Veterans appreciate the generous giving of your time or money. They are extremely grateful for all that you do for them.


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Volunteer in your community as VHN depends on leaders like you. Help make our mission a reality by putting your talents to good use. Take charge and start organizing your team today. Encourage and inspire your fellow employees to start their own teams as well. This can lead to everyone having fun in a competitive atmosphere while simultaneously helping our Veterans. This can increase company morale and potentially add to the company’s bottom line. This team concept will provide more awareness regarding the plight of our Veterans’ health issues while raising the necessary funding to sustain VHN programs and services.

Start here: First of all, check with your Human Resource (HR) department to see if your company will endorse the VHN “Team Challenge” for raising awareness and donations to help our Veterans overcome their health issues.

Recruit Team Captains: Recruit other go-getters in your company to be Team Captains and have them form their own teams, as well. With each team in place, have fun at lunch or after work coming up with your team name/s. Prizes will be awarded for the best team names. Team Captains will determine, and mutually agree to criteria as outlined below.

Examples: +Number of employees on each team (recommended, 6) +Time period for raising donations (VHN recommends three months). +Fundraising goals (estimated), from each team member and the combined team goal. +Types of possible fund raising events ie; Walk, swim, bike-a thons, 5k, 8k,10k runs, golf outings, silent auctions, other. NOTE: Double your Donations by going to local business owners, family members, friends and acquaintances with “pledge” forms.

VHN will provide prizes for the “best “ team name, prizes for the most donations raised by a team, and for each team’s top individual fundraiser. Prizes awarded will be based on the amount of donations submitted to VHN within your designated time frames.


Let us know what your fundraising idea is below, and we will get in touch with you: