Our Mission: Help for the wounds you cannot see.

Veterans Health Network (VHN) was founded by veterans for veterans. Veterans Health Network helps our brave men and women who are suffering from the effects of their exposures to toxic heavy metals and chemicals during their service to our country, at home or abroad. Veterans Health Network strives to reverse the devastating effects of such exposures at no cost.

Veterans Health Network is completely dependent on your generous donations in order to make its unique services “Ready for duty.” Please donate today and often!

Who we are

Veterans Health Network was established January 2013 for the purpose of helping Veterans back to health. Veterans Health Network’s international headquarters are located in St. Petersburg, Florida.


1. Jim Wilson President
2. Frank Severino Vice President
3. Richard Corsale Secretary

What we do

Veterans Health Network helps those veterans whose health has been compromised as a result of exposure to heavy metals, toxins and chemicals while serving in theaters of conflict abroad or here at home. We generally think of a wounded soldier as one with missing limbs, eyes or visible scars. This is a very incomplete picture. There are presently 16.9 million living Veterans dating back through WWII. Of the 12.2 million who have served in Viet Nam, the Gulf Wars, Iraq and Afghanistan, roughly 30% suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Countless more suffer from effects of Agent Orange, depleted uranium, burn pit smoke and many more toxic chemicals (see References). Veterans Health Network is dedicated to helping our affected brave men and women back to better health at no cost to our Veterans in all cases where necessary. These health benefits can only be accomplished with your caring donations.


Networking is key to the overall success of Veterans Health Network. Please visit our Volunteering page for examples such as veterans helping veterans, fund raising, or just being benevolent and paying for another Veteran’s health products (See Donations page). This is a team effort that we can all join.