In the population-at-large, few people make the connections between toxic materials and their health. The same is often true among our Veterans, as well. The following list of references is intended to help everyone become more familiar with the reasons so many of our Veterans are coming home sick and, therefore, in need of the services being provided by Veterans Health Network. There are thousands of references to be found on the Internet, for example, do a search for “toxins and cancer” or any other chronic illness. Included, below, are a few references specific to what our Veterans are experiencing. More references will be added from time-to-time as they become available or as recommended by readers. Please understand, the more you know, the more (together) we can help our Veterans.

Please see the following references for more information:

  1. US Department of Veterans Affairs: Numbers of Veterans who served in all conflicts through 2013 and related data
  2. US Department of Veterans Affairs: Government-recognized effects of Agent Orange
  3. US Department of Veterans Affairs: Gulf War Syndrome / Multi-symptom Illness; examples of symptoms recognized by the US government
  4. The University of Chicago Medical Center: Definition of Gulf War Syndrome, symptoms and causes
  5. USA Today: Our Veterans need help for their illnesses, not a cover-up
  6. USA Today: It’s not "in your head"
  7. Wikipedia: More on Gulf War/Multiple Symptom Illness
  8. Poynter's News University: Multiple resources for and links to assist with Veterans’ issues
  9. US Department of Veterans Affairs: About depleted uranium and how it affects our Veterans
  10. Burnpits 360°: Illnesses and symptoms related to burn pit exposures